• Red Cross and Green Arrow 2 In 1 Traffic Light in China

    Even though international market is our main target and business part, we get many project enquiries from national clients. Now infrastructure construction is ongoing in China and the demand of traffic equipment is very potential. This month we have finished a traffic project in Enshi, Hubei province. It's a newly constructed tunnel which runs through a mountain. This tunnel is equipped with latest LED lighting equipment, also our red cross and green arrow 2 in 1 traffic signal light.

    The traffic lights are 600mmx600mm metal plate model, and installed in the entrance and exit to indicate pass and no entry with green arrow and red cross signals. We believe these striking signals will offer clear instructions to the drivers and help the management team to increase road usage rate and reduce traffic accident.

  • Now along with projects finished in international and national regions, that's no doubt that it's a faith and deep trust of the clients and contractors to our Stanpower products and professional team service.